Health Care Professionals recommend Latero Flora with bacilius laterosporus BOD for patients with digestion and yeast problems.

Many health care practitioners rely on bacillus laterosporus BOD, the patented, active ingredient in Latero Flora, because it works. Here is sampling of what some Doctors say:

Dr. Luc DeShepper: "Bacillus laterosporus BOD has shown significant effectiveness in improving, and in many cases, in elimination of all the gastrointestinal symptoms, food sensitivities and enhancing the patient's digestive capacities." 

Dr. Robert Atkins Author Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution:  "I think it (bacillus laterosporus BOD) works better than acidophilus does - in restoring health and getting people to say my symptoms are gone."

Dr. Serafina Corsello:  "I recommend without reservation to my patients the use of bacillus laterosporus BOD, which has been, and continues to be, an excellent pathway back to physiological integrity." 

Dr. Linda Hole, Wholistic Family Medicine: "At least 80% of our practice has some in-balance in their bowel bacteria, we use it (bacillus laterosporus BOD)with patients from newborns to people well into their eighties and nineties." 

Latero Flora is the same winning formula as Flora-Balance. For over 18 years it has been helping patients like yours . .

  • Build and maintain a healthy colon to create better digestive health.
  • Guard against unfriendly bacteria that may cause illnesses, and produce toxins and yeast.
  • Enhance the immune system for optimal health and well-being.

Latero Flora with bacillus laterosporus BOD brochure

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